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Every Training Buddy component
is specifically tailored to the
ergonomics of its exercise function.

These design innovations are as diverse as the roles of the cushions in your training area. The following examples will give you an overview of the functional design consideration given to every Training Buddy pad.

 Leg Extension Seats

Leg extension seats are gently wedged, or 'bermed' towards the knee end. This prevents loss of range of motion by counteracting the tendency of the knee joint to lever downwards as the hamstrings extend.

TRAINING BUDDY Leg Extension Seat for Nautilus TRAINING BUDDY Leg Extension Seat for Nautilus. Knee end of the cushion is 'bermed' to a slightly greater thickness

 Domed 'Scott-style' Arm Bars

The ideal finishing station for biceps work is about ten inches 'deep' from elbow edge to sternum, and cylindrical in profile. This shape is more adaptable to 'inverse cheating' than is a flat-slab 'preacher style' arm pad. This luxurious, high profile pad style poses severe durability challenges for the cover material, and is utterly impractical with vinyl. Even cowhide will fail in about fourteen months with heavy use. Only our exclusive new polymer cover fabric is up to the task.

The padding profile for such a cushion requires a highly specialized inventory of padding materials. Training Buddy currently stocks twelve different padding materials, in order to achieve the variety of ergonomic response you require in your fitness upholstery.

TRAINING BUDDY 'Scott-style' Arm Bar for Advance.
TRAINING BUDDY 'Scott-style' Arm Bar for Advance. Multilayer padding profile assures the proper balance of support and cushioning. Rigid layers at the core provide structure and volume. Firm layers progressing outward ensure support, and the soft outer layer is the source of the accommodating softness this pad requires.
TRAINING BUDDY 'Scott-style' Arm Bar for Advance.

Note the hygienic, fluid resistant 'belt Armour' patch sewn onto the cover on the TRAINING BUDDY Scott-style' Arm Bar for Advance.

 Large Diameter Roller Cones

Manufacturers are increasingly cutting corners on rollers. A high performance roller needs a large, strong core to support the foam and distribute load.

An assortment of TRAINING BUDDY rollers for Nautilus and Global. Assortment of TRAINING BUDDY rollers for Nautilus and Global. 3" Diameter P.V.C. cores with hardwood end bushings. Padded with multiple thin layers of 8-lb rebond and cross-linked olefin foam. Covered in a non-cracking polymer fabric, these rollers last for many years.

 Calf Raise Hip Belts

Under load, the sling webbing of a hip belt curls into a rope-like shape, cutting through conventional padding cores, and compressing the sciatic nerves at the hip. A 0.020 polyethylene spine, glued to the web side of the padding core, hugely augments transverse rigidity, with only a modest increase in stiffness along the long axis. The effect is magical!

TRAINING BUDDY Hip Belts for calf raises. TRAINING BUDDY Hip Belts for calf raises. Regular width is suitable for the Nautilus Multi. Wide style for heavy free weight applications. Note the polyethylene spine augmenting the padding core.

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