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What makes our Fitness Equipment Pad high performance?

Click here for more information  Durability

Training Buddy achieves extraordinary durability, by combining two equally important factors: appropriate materials and intelligent, functional design. Durablility is the performance criterion that most affects your upholstery maintenance costs.

Imagine a training area totally free from worn, cracked, perforated pads. Training Buddy makes this an accessible goal.

Click here for more information  Hygiene

A high performance pad must stay clean, dry, odor free and sterile. Training Buddy pads are cleaner. Hygiene is directly enhanced by many Training Buddy design initiatives. But much is achieved indirectly, as a by-product of extreme durability.

In today's 'alphabet soup' of infectious blood diseases, hygienic upholstery is more important than ever before. And it's just as important to Training Buddy as it is to you.

Click here for more information  Biomechanics

A high performance pad must deliver both cushioning and support, in the correct proportions, to assist the user in performing the intended exercise movement. Joint trauma is unacceptable, and antagonistic muscle tension, or 'clenching', must be minimized. Flexed joints must be properly aligned with axes of rotation, so movements are neither 'hard to start' nor 'hard to finish'.

Every Training Buddy component is specifically targeted for its individual task in your training facility.

Replace your worn pads with a new Training Buddy Pad

Here is how to order.
Just tell us the:

 brand name of the equipment manufacturer

 type of machine

 part of body that the pad contacts

and we will ship you a brand new pad. There is no need to ship us your old pad.

It's just that simple.

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