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Training Buddy Pads are cleaner
due to Durability and Hygienic Design

 How Durability affects pads Hygiene.

Training Buddy's durability prevents perforations; and a pad with a hole in it is not hygienic! Furthermore, a cover that truly lasts doesn't need a cover slip. These 'wraps' are unhygienic. The unprotected backing of the fabric becomes a blotter for sweat, skin oil, dander, and who knows what else! If it's not too close to lunch, peel back a couple of your cover slips, especially the vertically mounted ones, and take a peek at the backings. Do you like what you see?

Nautilus factory cover slip is unhygienic
Nautilus factory cover slip, in Sta-Soft™ vinyl. Cover slips are inherently unhygienic. As the vinyl coating shrinks (an early stage of the hardening process) the cover slip deforms and 'bubbles', increasing the exposure of the absorbent backing
Cover slips become encrusted with skin, oil, dander & hair

This is the end result of cover slips. The backing is actually encrusted with skin oil , dander, and hair.

Industry standard vinyl cover is long gone.
The factory vinyl cover slip on this seated biceps arm is long gone. After a bit more than a year at this busy downtown YMCA, so is the cushion cover.
TRAINING BUDDY perfect after 9 mths

TRAINING BUDDY Seated Biceps Arm for Polaris; condition mint after nine months in a 'heavy' downtown club. Protected by a Three Year Warranty, not by cover slips! Note the two-piece approach, which allows greater specialization of padding profile, and lowers replacement costs.

 Hygiene-Specific Design Innovations
  • Cover material is 100% fluid resistant for the life of the pad: it's guaranteed;
  • Seaming is minimized, to reduce leakage;
  • Covers designed to remove seams from contact with the user wherever possible;
  • Ideally, pad presents continuous, uninterrupted panels across areas of high user contact;

Knee end of a Nautilus Rotary Torso Seat.
leakage is normal & occurs at all seams

Knee end of a Nautilus Rotary Torso Seat.
This factory seam had not failed.
This leakage is normal, and occurs at all seams

Training Buddy 'Wide Bell' Seat for Nautilus.
TRAINING BUDDY 'Wide Bell' Seat for Nautilus. Cover rolls to both knee end and to sides, with minimal seaming.
TRAINING BUDDY Triceps Hand for Nautilus

TRAINING BUDDY Triceps Hand for Nautilus. Seamless panel drapes across the use area.

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