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Training Buddy offers the
most comprehensive Warranty*
in the fitness industry.

 Warranty Details:

Every Training Buddy pad is warranted for "Three Years Pro Rated" from date of invoice against perforation or hygienic compromise owing to either:

  1. Hardening and cracking due to loss of cover elasticity, or
  2. Abrasion resulting from routine use of the host equipment for its designed purpose.

Warranty is void in the case of extraordinary impact, punctures, or slashes.

Warranty is void in the area of the cover between the basting stitch, and the cap stitch, of any seam.

 Replacement Padded Component Details:

Warranties are "pro rated" from the date of invoice to the date of failure based on thirty-six months.

Replacement cost is based on the following formula:

For Example:

You have a padded component that cost $100.00 at time of purchase. The pad has failed 26th months after invoice date. This item has given you twenty-six months of service. You paid for thirty-six.

On the replacement you would therefore be entitled to the following discount:

Therefore, your replacement padded component would cost $72.00.

It would again be fully warranted for three full years, under the original warranty terms, regardless of its discounted price. In some cases, your warranty replacement may be one of a number for that pad, and the replacement may have since been redesigned to a higher spec level. If this has raised the price for that item, your warranty replacement discount will be applied as a ratio to the new price.

TRAINING BUDDY Leg Extension Seat for Nautilus

TRAINING BUDDY Biceps Arm for Nautilus, after twenty months of service. White marks are tiny tears in the polymer film, owing to the only weakness in this fabric: excessive backing elasticity. This is considered a hygienic compromise, even though there are no physical holes in the cover.

Though this club would be entitled to a 16/36 = 45% rebate on the replacement, they are satisfied with it as is.

Examples where Warranty may or may not apply:
  1. The protective coating, or 'film' has lifted or been worn off along the narrow band right along a seam. Warranty is void, because, in the strict sense the pad hasn't been 'hygienically compromised'. There are still three unperforated layers of fabric in the welt of the seam, so no moisture is penetrating to any significant degree.
  2. A small, triangular, i.e. "^"- shaped rip or tear has appeared in the middle of a panel. Warranty is void, under extraordinary impact, puncture, and slash. A rip or tear of this nature occurs when a stack pin, weight belt, or barbell collar has been driven through the cover. No matter how much money we spend increasing cover toughness; some goon can always hit the pad harder!
  3. Someone has 'burnt' through the cover on, say, the head end of an incline bench, by sliding down into a low, hunkered seating position, and using the bench for low-pulley triceps cable extensions. Warranty is void, as this is not the intended use of an incline bench. Cable wear is designed against, and warranted, for cushions intended for cable driven equipment: nothing else.
  4. The edge of a free bench has been beaten to the point that the film has peeled, or worn away. No physical hole is present in the cover, but the underlying backing of the material is exposed in places and the cover is no longer moisture-resistant in these places. The relentless multiple impact of dumbbells, shoelaces and soles, and general 'bumping and grinding' of the wear environment of a free bench has worn out the cover. With or without the presence of a physical hole, the cushion is hygienically compromised. In this, and hundreds of other typical examples this is 'routine wear', for the equipment, however brutal and indifferent its treatment may have been. Warranty applies.

*To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive warranty in the field of health club upholstery.